On October 12, Beijing time, CBA announced the list of technical representatives and referees for the 2020-2021 season. There are 34 technical representatives and 68 referees, including 6 full-time referees. They are: Yan Jun, Duan Zhu, Ye Nan, Guo Nan, Duan Xiaopeng and Liu Sen. For a long time, referees in the CBA league have been part-time referees. Most of them are teachers or honorary professors from sports academies across the country. It is inevitable that there will be some official whistle, favor whistle, and black whistle. , Every season, even every game, there will be dissatisfaction caused by the referee's unfair penalties, but since Yao Ming became the chairman of CBA, he has worked hard to change this situation.

北京时间10月12日,CBA宣布了2020-2021赛季技术代表和裁判的名单。现有技术代表34名,裁判员68名,其中专职裁判6名。他们是:闫军,段竹,叶楠,郭楠,段小鹏和刘森。很长一段时间以来,CBA联赛中的裁判都是兼职裁判。他们大多数是来自全国体育学院的老师或名誉教授。不可避免地会有一些官方哨子,青睐哨子和黑哨子。 ,每个赛季,甚至每场比赛,都会因裁判员的不公平处罚而引起不满,但是自从姚明成为CBA主席以来,他一直在努力改变这种状况。

Before the start of the 2019-20 season, the CBA Company implemented the "Haechi Plan" on refereeing work, and took the lead in hiring 5 full-time referees. It is planned that within 5 years, the number of full-time referees will reach more than 50%, that is, more than 35 people. The training and training of referees, as well as the internal reward and punishment system, improve the accuracy of referees' judgments. The biggest difference between full-time referees and part-time referees is that they are professional referees in the CBA league. They have to sign a labor contract with the CBA company and accept the overall management of the CBA company. From the practice in the past season, it can be seen that the referee's judgment is correct. The gradual improvement will help create a fair and harmonious competition environment for professional leagues.

在2019-20赛季开始之前,CBA公司在裁判工作上实施了“ Haechi计划”,并率先雇用了5名全职裁判。计划在5年内,专职裁判的人数将达到50%以上,即35人以上。裁判员的培训和训练,以及内部奖惩制度,可以提高裁判员的判断准确性。专职裁判和兼职裁亚博官网投注安全靠谱有保障判之间的最大区别是他们是CBA联赛中的专业裁判。他们必须与CBA公司签订劳动合同并接受CBA公司的整体管理。从上个赛季的练习可以看出,裁判的判断是正确的。逐步改善将有助于为职业联赛创造一个公平,和谐的比赛环境。

And this time that Yan Jun, Duan Zhu, Ye Nan, Guo Nan, Duan Xiaopeng and Liu Sen became full-time referees. First, it shows that the CBA professional referees are progressing in an orderly manner. Second, they affirm the law enforcement ability of the above six referees. Among the referees, the fans are familiar with Yan Jun, Duan Zhu and Ye Nan, especially Yan Jun has the best reputation. Of course, it is not because of how good his law enforcement ability is, but because of repeated misjudgments in the game. , And even partial whistle and widely criticized by fans, the most impressive thing is that it seems to be always intentionally or unintentionally targeting Shandong and Liaoning, especially in the 2017-18 semi-final series of Shandong and Guangsha. Yan Jun played against Shandong. It is more ruthless, but it is beneficial to Guangsha.

而这次,闫军,段竹,叶楠,郭楠,段小鹏和刘森成为了专职裁判。首先,它表明CBA专业裁判员的比赛有序进行。其次,他们肯定了上述六名裁判员的执法能力。在裁判中,球迷们对Yan Jun,Duan Zhu和Ye Nan熟悉,尤其是Yan Jun的声誉最高。当然,这不是因为他的执法能力如何,而是因为游戏中反复的错误判断。 ,甚至有些口哨声,并受到粉丝的广泛批评,最令人印象深刻的是,它似乎总是有意或无意地瞄准山东和辽宁,尤其是在2017-18山东和广厦半决赛中。严军对阵山东。虽然比较狠,但是对广厦很有好处。

As for Liaoning, Yan Jun was not soft. In the 2015-16 season between Liaoning and Guangsha, before Han Dejun had contact with Guangsha players, Yan Jun blew the whistle, and soon Da Han left the field for six offenses. But in terms of the whistleblowing last season, Yan Jun is still remarkable. The referee Duanzhu was born from the avant-garde of the People's Liberation Army and has a positive value as a soldier. Yan Jun dared to blow it, especially for the two foreign aids Fordson and Borosis in Guangsha. Duan Zhu's performance declined rapidly after he returned to his hometown of Beijing last season, and there are many points that deserve criticism from fans. Referee Ye Nan comes from a basketball family and was once a member of the Jinan Military Region Men’s Basketball and Shandong Men’s Basketball Team. His father is the Shandong Men’s Basketball star Ye Peng.


Ye Nan's law enforcement work in recent seasons has been well received, and she has gradually taken up the post of referee. Guo Nan, Duan Xiaopeng, and Liu Sen are much less famous, but Guo Nan and Liu Sen were already two of the five full-time referees last season. As a referee, the lack of presence is also their biggest praise. Basketball In the end, the game still has to be handed over to the players. Referees should not grab the show. With the increasing number of CBA professional referees, I believe the game will be more fair and the players will go all out.


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