Fans who follow German football know that the Bundesliga has a strong team Leipzig Red Bull that has risen in recent years. Well, yes, a little more rigorous and objective, I will do it again: fans who follow the Bundesliga 1 of the German football national league know the Bundesliga 1 There is a strong team that has risen in recent years--


We have already introduced this club and the city of Leipzig in the series of the automobile brand column in the football world. Many readers expressed interest in this East German football upstart, especially the Red Bull Group behind it. Therefore, the Football Wushuang column decided In the form of a series of multiple issues, I will introduce this Red Bull Group and its grass earth in detail.


Before talking about Red Bull football, we must first come to understand Red Bull Group. This is actually a very interesting topic, because the Red Bull known to most groups in China is not actually the Red Bull active in sports, although their logos are the same.

在谈论Red Bull足球之前,我们必须首先了解Red Bull Group。这实际上是一个非常有趣的话题,因为中国大多数团体所熟知的红牛实际上并不是活跃于体育运动中的红牛,尽管他们的标志是相同的。

There are three Red Bulls in this world, Austrian Red Bull (left in the picture below), Thai Red Bull (not in the picture), and Chinese Red Bull (right in the picture below). The Red Bull in extreme sports as we know it, the big and small Red Bulls in the world of F1 racing, including many Red Bull clubs on the football stadium, belong to the Austrian Red Bull. What the hell are the other two Red Bulls? Who is Li Kui and Li Gui? Let us first look at the past and present lives of Red Bull.


As far away as 1923, when many readers of this article were not born, the summer of that year was particularly hot and humid. In fact, which summer in Thailand was not humid and hot? In any case, in August of that year, a baby was born in a small town in central Thailand. His name was Xu Shubiao. His father's ancestral home is Hainan. Whether he will cook Hainanese chicken rice is still a mystery.


Later, this young Chinese man with little formal education moved to the capital Bangkok with his parents and became a salesperson in a local pharmaceutical factory with enthusiasm. A few years later, he started his own business and founded a small pharmaceutical workshop company.


I don’t know if it’s the right time, the right place and the right people, or a combination of things. In 1976, a functional beverage was developed and named the Thai bison. The bison is a cattle species unique to Southeast Asia with great ethnic characteristics. At that time, this refreshing drink was very popular among local truck drivers and all kinds of physical laborers in Thailand.

我不知道是合适的时间,合适的地点和合适的人,还是综合考虑。 1976年,一种功能性饮料被开发出来,并命名为泰国野牛。野牛是东南亚独有的牛种,具有很强的民族特色。当时,这种清凉饮料在泰国当地卡车司机和各种体力劳动者中很受欢迎。

However, just when Mr. Xu thought that his brand was only limited to a Thai artifact, the time entered in 1982, and he met a super noble person. An Austrian Matt Schutz, who worked for a German company and went to Thailand on a business trip, was exhausted due to jet lag and tried the local specialty bison drink for the first time, and he discovered the business opportunity of this product.

但是,就在许先生认为自己的品牌仅限于泰国文物的时候,1982年才进入,他遇到了一个超级贵族。奥地利的Matt Schutz在德国的一家公司工作,然后去泰国出差,由于时差,他精疲力尽,第一次尝试了当地的野牛饮料,他发现了这种产品的商机。

Immediately started a cooperative relationship with Xu Shubiao in 1984 and produced a new product specializing in the European market three years later. This product has an improved trademark and adjusted taste, and officially has the name of Red Bull, which has become the current Austrian Red Bull Prototype.

1984年立即与徐树标开始合作关系,三年后生产了专门针对欧洲市场的新产品。该产品具有改进的商标和可调整的口味,并正式命名为Red Bull,该名称已成为当前的奥地利Red Bull原型。

Under the structure of this new joint venture, Xu Shubiao and Matt Schutz each own 49% of the company, and Xu Shubiao's son owns the remaining 2%. Since then, Xu Shubiao continued to operate his pharmaceutical factory and the sales of Thai Bison Beverage in Thailand, while Matt Schutz used this product to independently develop the European market.

在这个新合资公司的结构下,徐书标和马特·舒茨分别拥有公司49%的股份,徐书标的儿子拥有其余2%的股份。从那以后,徐树标继续在泰国经营他的制药厂和泰国野牛饮料的销售,而马特·舒茨(Matt Schutz)使用该产品独立开拓欧洲市场。

So this story ends here? Can you talk about football? Of course not, the story has just begun. We will continue to explore the next stage of Red Bull's development.

故事到此结束了吗?你能谈谈足球吗?当然不是,这个故事才刚刚开始。我们将继续探索Red Bull发展的下一阶段。

The two joint venture companies each have their own market non-conflict. Matt Schutz’s perfect packaging, marketing and his keen sense of the European and American markets enabled him to quickly create a high-end beverage product and occupy the European and American markets. Markets in all developed countries, in Europe, America, Oceania and even Asia, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, etc. (The picture above shows Red Bull France and Japan advertising)

两家合资公司各自都有自己的市场无冲突。马特·舒茨(Matt Schutz)完美的包装,市场营销以及对欧美市场的敏锐洞察力,使他能够迅速创造出高端饮料产品并占领欧美市场。欧洲,美洲,大洋洲,甚至亚洲,日本,韩国,香港,澳门等所有发达国家的市场(上图为法国和日本的红牛广告)

His Austrian Red Bull has occupied the monopoly position of functional beverages in the market, and when the entire European and American beverage market was divided by the two traditional American companies, Coca-Cola and Pepsi, they opened up a new world of their own. With respect to sports, the functional beverage market is constantly rising and cannibalizing the two traditional markets of Coke. Austrian Red Bull also has the strength to surpass Coca and Pepsi.


If there is high-end, there must be a corresponding low-end market. In the vast Southeast Asia and developing regions, Red Bull Thailand (pictured below) has also achieved great success with its low-cost prices and gained a pivotal position in the market. Speaking of this, the question is, which market is left, we haven't mentioned it yet? That's right, it is the Chinese mainland market. So there are stories and disputes behind.


China is not a country that advocates sports and has mixed praises and criticisms of sparkling beverages. Therefore, it was not the expansion target of Austrian Red Bull at the beginning. As a Chinese, Xu Shubiao and his airless but sweet Thai wild (red) cattle Believing that the Chinese market is a potential target customer and formally entered the Chinese market in 1995 in the form of a joint venture authorization, this model was limited by the policies at the time and of course laid the groundwork for today's trademark use disputes.


For various reasons, Thai Red Bull is engaged in a protracted commercial lawsuit with Yan Bin’s Chinese Red Bull. After Austria Red Bull also entered the Chinese mainland market in 2014, the relationship between these three Red Bulls has become more serious. complex.


Before this commercial dispute has a final result, the three are theoretically true Red Bulls. The following figure summarizes the relationship between the three. However, since the Chinese Red Bull imitated the Austrian Red Bull in 2002 to launch the blue can packaging, the company's impure motives have been revealed. Now the lawsuit with Thai Red Bull continues to unreasonably delay the appeal after losing the first instance is against the company. The corporate culture has made the most intuitive interpretation.


So in the end, you have to ask me a question, is it important to understand the relationship between these companies? The answer is important, very important. Because it's like you support a team, for example, Manchester United. Do you want to support the real Manchester United (Manchester United) or a well-known "Manchester United" (Manchester European United)? Would you like to visit the terracotta warriors and horses in Xi'an, do you want to go to the real terracotta warriors or the terracotta warriors and horses in the Qin and Han Cultural Village not far away?

因此,最后,您必须问我一个问题,了解这些公司之间的关系是否重要?答案很重要,非常重要。因为就像您支持一支球队一样,例如曼联。您要支持真正的曼联(Manchester United)还是著名的“ Manchester United”(Manchester European United)?您想参观西安的秦始皇兵马俑吗,您想去真正的秦始皇兵马俑还是秦汉文化村附近的秦始皇兵马俑?

So the first issue of this series is the cornerstone of each subsequent issue, and it is also the most important thing for Red Bull fans to understand: "Whether you are Red Bull Leipzig, Red Bull Salzburg, Red Bull New York, or Red Bull F1 Team You can contribute to the team you support.


Don’t worry, it’s not the annual fee of 268 yuan in the Premier League. It can just buy a can of Austrian Red Bull drinks, but all the Red Bull sports you support come from Austrian Red Bull, not the other two, so remember to look for it when buying. From Red Bull GmbH (picture below).

不用担心,这不是英超联赛的268元年费。它只能买一罐奥地利红牛饮料,但是您支持的所有红牛运动都来自奥地利红牛,而不是其他两个,因此请记住在购买时寻找它。来自Red Bull GmbH(下图)。

Okay, I figured out the relationship. I promise you that I will start talking about football next issue. From the next issue, the Red Bull I am referring to will be Austrian Red Bull only.


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